Save the sea with a tatoo! Warsaw, 8th June


On the occasion of the World Oceans Day, the MARE Foundation and WarsawINK invited the general public to an Ocean-themed Tatoo Walk-In-Day ,where one could immortalize their love for the ocean and contribute to its protection!

In addition to tattoos, there was also a number of other attractions organised related to ecology, body and mind work and broadening our horizons.

The following tatoo artists were present at the walk-in day:
pejczi (
Antonina’s Art (
Element (
Iacobusk (
Mihau (
Łukasz (
Bachanke (

The entire income raised during the day went towards the MARE Foundation, the only non-governmental organisation in Poland, and will help fund it’s activities which focus exclusively on the protection of marine ecosystems, with particular emphasis on the protection of our home Baltic Sea.

More information here:

MARE‘s main mission is to protect marine ecosystems by pursuing social and political changes. We are fighting for a future in which society will have sensitivity and ecological awareness and live in harmony with the seas and oceans. For the future in which seas and oceans are vibrant with life and are not constantly exposed to the negative effects of human activity. The future of our and future generations depends on the future of the seas and oceans, which make up over 70% of our planet!


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